ProTools HDX & HD Accel System Hardware Details
 Computer & Hardwares
Card Spec. 

 System No,01 : HDX 2 (HDX Card x 2)
                           (MAGMA PCI-e to PCI-e 7slot Chassis)
 System No,02 : HD 7 Accel (HD Accel Core x 1 + Accel Card x 6)
                           (MAGMA PCI-e to PCI-e 7slot Chassis)
 System No,03 : HD Native (HD Native Card x 1)
                           (MAGMA Thundarbolt 3slot Chassis)
 Universal Audio UAD-2 OCTO x 2

Audio Interface   Avid HD I/O x 1 (Analog 8 IN / 8 OUT & Digital 8 IN / 8 OUT)
 Apogee ROSETTA 200 x 1
Synchronizer   Avid Sync HD
Control Surface   Avid Digidesign D-Command ES Main with XMON
 Euphonix MC Mix (Avid Artist Mix)
 Rosendahl Nanosyncs・Apogee Big Ben・Lucid SSG-192

Computer Spec. 

 ① Apple Mac Pro Custom 3.33GHz 8-Core
     (Intel Xeon E5680 "Westmere" x2) Memory 64.0GB
 ② Apple Mac Pro 3.5GHz 6-Core
     (Intel Xeon E5-1650v2) Memory 64.0GB

CD&DVD Drive 

 Pioneer BDR-XS06JL (Blue-Ray Drive)
 Sony Optiarc AD-7203(Super Drive)
 Pioneer DVR-116(Super Drive)


 EIZO FlexScan T2381W-GY (23inch 1920 x 1080 dpi)
 I-O DATA EX-LD2702DB (27inch 1920 x 1080 dpi) 

Data Storage 

 Western Digital VelociRaptor 600GB・10,000rpm x 1
 Western Digital VelociRaptor 450GB・10,000rpm x 2
 Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB・10,000rpm x 2
 (Internal Drive Bay, USB 3.0 & Fire Wire 800 External Hard Disk Drive Case)

Power Conditioner   Shinano GPC-1500, TEAC AV-P25




 Software Details
 OS version  Mac OS X 10.12.6 & 10.8.5
Pro Tools version  ver, 12.7.1 & 10.3.8
CD/DVD Writer  roxio Toast Titanium (ver, 15.0.x)
Mastering Software 

Sonic Studio soundBlade HD
Steinberg Wave Lab 8

Other DAW Software  Presonus Studio One 2
XLN Audio Addictive Drums
  STEVEN SLATE DRUMS 4 PLATINUM + Chris Lord-Alge Trigger Expansion
  Synthogy Ivory II

 Plug-In Details
 Auto Pan  Maxim  Tel-Ray Delay  Orange Phaser
   BF-2A/BF-3A/BF-76   ModDelay III   Time Adjuster/Shift   PitchII
   Channel Strip  Moogerfooger
   D-Verb  Normalize-Gain  Voce Bundle
   Dynamics III  Pultec Bundle
   Eleven MkII  Purple Audio MC77  BBD Delay  ProMultibandDynamics
   EQIII  Reel Tape Suite  Black Op Distortion  ProSubharmonic
   Fairchild660/670  ReverbOne  Black Shiny Wah  Roto Speaker
   Focusrite d2/d3  Reverse-DC Removal  Black Spring  Space
   Impact  ReVive II  C1 Chorus  Studio Reverb
   InTune  SansAmp PSA-1  DC Distortion  Tape Echo
   Invert-Duplicate  SignalGenerator   Flanger  Tri-Knob Fuzz
   JOEMEEK SC2/VC5  Smack  Gray Compressor  Vibe Phaser
   LoFi/RectiFi/SciFi/VariFi  Sound Replacer  Green JRC Overdrive  White Boost
AIR Music       Chorus  FrequencyShifter  Phaser  Boom
Technology   Distortion  Fuzz-Wah  Reverb  DB-33
   DynamicDelay  KillEQ  SpringReverb  MiniGrand
   Enhancer  Lo-Fi  StereoWidth  Structure Free
   Ensemble  Multi-Chorus  Talkbox   Vacuum 
   FilterGate  Multi-Delay  VintageFilter   Xpand2!
   Flanger  Non-LinearReverb    
Antares   Auto-Tune 8 & 7 & Evo  Mic Mod EFX    
Audio Ease   Altiverb XL      
Celemony   Melodyne 4 Studio      
Eventide   Anthology XI Bundle      
Fabfilter   Total bundle      
Flux   Epure+ AAX DSP  Bitter Sweet  Stereo Tool  
   Pure Analyzer System (Live,Metering, Multichannnel Option)      
iZotope   Neutron 2 Advanced  Ozone 8 Advanced  RX 6 Advanced  
Line 6   Echo Farm      
McDSP   Everything Pack      
Nomad Factory   Integral Studio Pack 3      
M.D.W.   Hi-Res Parametric EQ      
Plugin Alliance   bx_consoleE/G/N  bx_control V2  bx_digital V2/V3   bx_dynEQ V2 
   bx_limiter   bx_meter    bx_rooMS  bx_saturator V2
   bx_stereomaker  bx_subsynth  bx_XL V2  
   elysia alpha comp,  elysia niveau filter  elysia nvelope  
   Lindell Audio 254E
                         & 354E
 SPLDrumXChanger   SPL Passeq  
Serato   Pitch 'n Time Pro 3
Sonnox   Oxford R3 EQ
          + GML Option
Soundtoys   Soundtoys 5
Synchro Arts   VocAlign Project 3
Universal Audio   UAD-2 OCTO Ultimate
           + Add Plug-Ins
Waves   Mercury Bundle  Studio Classics
 Abbey Road